If there had been times when war between humans was considered a glorious epic encouraging the youths to partake in it; today, with the help of real imageries, our eyes have been opened to the bitter and pitiful realities of conflicts, and its outcomes are mentioned as “disasters of war” all over the world.  The dark aftermaths of war not only have made life a misery for many, but have also caused a serious threat to living creatures and the natural ecosystem of the planet. Yet, dictators, colonizers, the gluttonous politicians, advocates of degenerate ideologies and extremist religious groups etc.… who are the main reasons behind wars and their disasters, resist the disclosure of catastrophes and have soldiers and supporters supporting them blindly. Against them however, a great majority of people along with other creatures and inhabitants of this planet; trees, birds, four-legged animals and all the aquatic beings have all unanimously united to say no to war and warmongering.
Winter 2018