Daryabandari, whose excerpt is reproduced in the first two paragraphs of this article), managed to entice Pezeshknia’s family to provide his art pieces to the public. Steadily, his art took its deserved place in iranian art history.It would suffice to see only a few of his drawings and‫/‬or paintings in order to recognize his style under any condition.
Using Pezeshknia’s style and excellent technique for Sahar Khalkhalian, Pezeshknia’s granddaughter, is more natural and even more acceptable than anyone else’s because she has lived and bonded with every one of her grandather’s brush strokes.This is in addition to the fact that in addition to being influenced by Pezeshknia, one can see obvious pursuit and exploration in her work. It is not far fatted to imagine witnessing another Pezeshknia in Sahar who has achieved her very own personal style after dedicated and maddeningly hard work.
Mohammad Zahraie